Two Girls One Trench Coat

Victoria Kucher is a graduate of the Second City Long Form Conservatory and Conservatory Program. She has performed in Chicago Improv Festival, Pittsburgh Improv Festival, Vancouver Improv Festival (VIIF), Del Close Marathon, Montreal Improv Festival (Mprov), Big City Improv Festival, She Dot Comedy Festival, Bad Dog's Blockbuster Week, Close Quarters (Bad Dog Theatre) AND MORE. 

Victoria has been seen performing sketch  (some of which she wrote, some of which she just finds funny) around Toronto in 24 Hour Sketch Festival (Social Capital Theatre), Sketch in 60 (Bad Dog Theatre), and Friday Night Sketch & Conservatory (Second City). 

She also directs comedic sketch on and off camera; collaborating with Toronto comedy troupes and coaching individual comics. She is a comedic writer for stage and screen, and an Improviser, regularly performing around the city. Victoria can be seen performing monthly in Toronto at Comedy Bar, on the mainstage, in her show "Seeing Double".

Victoria Kucher is one half of the comedy improv and writing duo "Two Girls One Trench Coat". Along with Brennan Asbridge the two collaborate and perform together on stages around North America.  Go to their facebook page to see where they are performing next, or check them out on Instagram @twogirls1trenchcoat

Together they wrote the series "Brennan & Victoria Make Rent" which features the two girls trying to make money to keep up in a city where the bills never stop. This online series premiers in January 2019.