With Teeth                                                                      Lead                                    Gilroy Productions /Mike Donas

Mary Kills People                                                          Actor                                    MKP2 Productions /Norma Bailey

Man Eater                                                                      Actor                                    JoBro Productions/Shawn Gerrard

BackTrack                                                                      Lead                                     Pinerea Productions /Jacq Award

Space & Time                                                                Lead                                     Head On Pictures/Shawn Gerrard

My Viola                                                                          Actor                                    Head On Pictures/Shawn Gerrard

Schitt's Creek                                                                 Actor                                    CBC/POP/ Jerry Ciccoritti

Destiny                                                                           Principal                              Grasshopper Productions/Jeremy Whittaker

Handsome Devils                                                         Supporting                         Discovery/ Marcus Valentin

Lynching                                                                        Supporting                         One Love Productions/Ryan Stewartson

Dead Rivalry                                                                  Principal                              GGH Motion Pictures/Jeremy Thornhill

The Double Date                                                           Lead                                     Kamp/Films/Jon Wayne Brown

25 and Up                                                                      Lead                                     Misadventures/ Kathleen Espirtu

Manifesto                                                                       Supporting                         Woods Entertainment/ Will Woods

The Best Revenge                                                         Supporting                         Celtrix Productions/ Chris Frampton

Perfect Storms                                                              Supporting                          eOne/History/ Brian Rice

Isaiah's Birthday                                                            Principal                              Fewster Productions/Shawn Gerrard

Paranormal Witness                                                     Supporting                         SYFY/ Neil Rawles

Ghostly Encounters                                                      Principal                              W Network/ Peter Moss



Close Quarters                                                                Improv. Comedian              Bad Dog Theatre/ Sean Taberas

Divine Wrecks                                                                  Two                                       Alumnae Theatre/Chloe Whithorne

The Buddy Holly Story                                                   Candy/Musician                  Lower Ossington Theatre/Charles Roy

Lovesexmoney                                                                 Olivia                                    Theatre Bruhaha/Kat Sandler

Love is a Poverty You Can Sell                                     Performer                            Soupcan Theatre/Sarah Thorpe

Sondheim in September                                                Chorus                                  Finger Print It/Warren Kimmel

John/Yoko Bed Piece                                                     Judy Steinburg                    Draft 89/Risha Yorke

LifeLine                                                                              Ester                                     Ensemble 21

Goobie & Poto Clown Show                                           Goobie                                  Playground Festival

Where Our Soles Lie                                                       Ellen Ward                            On the Grid Productions

Les Belles Soeures                                                         Rheauna Bibeau                  Theatre @ York/Miroslaw Polatynski

Midsummer Night's Dream                                           Moth                                       Free Will Players/Geoffery Brumlik

The Music Man                                                               Mrs. Shinn                             VSPVA/ Diane Gilchrist


Victoria Kucher

HEIGHT: 5’3”                                               WEIGHT: 114 lbs                               
HAIR: Strawberry Blonde                          EYES: Blue  

                                     REPRESENTED BY Fountainhead Talent